The kings and queens of IUG hockey 2017

A new day began with a new sun shine, refreshed minds and uplifted hopes. University of Peradeniya ground was much busy as it getting ready for the final day of hockey tournament of Inter University Games 2017. Hundreds of cheering voices were gathered around the ground and waiting to see the position of their universities. The hearts in the middle of the ground were beating fast for the trophy.

Let the hockey sticks to hit the balls!

The sun peeped from Hanthana Hills for the second day of hockey tournament of Inter University Games 2017. Green grass on Peradeniya grounds welcomed the players and the cheering crowd. The players were refreshed with the pleasant wind, so that hopes had been increased for a great day.

Maneuvering of balls to the victory!

The sun shined after continuous days of rain and blessings the hockey players in a great manner. Little rain drops which came down speed up the heartbeats of players and the cheering crowd, but it was a rain of blessing. The dew drops on the ground of University of Peradeniya welcomed the players by kissing the shoes. Balls and the hockey sticks were ready for the battle. Thousands of footprints were kept on Peradeniya grounds to start the hockey matches of Inter University Games 2017.


There is a saying that “Every dark cloud has a silver line”. Substantiating that by vanishing the murky clouds which are shielded the sky these days, University of Moratuwa ground was fully enlightened and so excited because of the Mora Hockey 7’s held yesterday (18th of November).

SLUG-2016|What Happened at Pera Probably will not Stay in Pera!

Kandy! This time of year! Everyone was excited. Most of them camped out to experience the most awaited moment. It is not an ordinary event. It is a whole new level of a celebration. All the equipment needed in order to perform the event were ready. It was just about to start. Ah yes! Kandy Perahara was also in this time but this is another story. This happened in a different part of the city. This happened in a ground which is 6km away from the Kandy. This is the story of how Sri Lanka University games Hockey concluded.

SLUG-2016|You are not allowed without a 'Hockey Stick'

It is a sight of a bunch of lovers walking along a busy road, under the shadow of a gifted canopy. Then they entered towards a small trail from the main road. There is something special about this trail. This is the path which will lead them towards the University of Peradeniya Hockey ground. There is something special about these lovers too. Their love is different from other lovers. They all are in a long term relationship with their beloved sport. They are Hockey lovers.

Pera 6's | The battle at Pera

Cold winds, gloomy weather, shivering atmosphere! What more to describe a fine rainy day where everyone loves to be near a fire or a hot indoor, somewhere they can sip a cup of coffee while reading a good book.  Well that is for ordinary people. This story is not about the ordinary people out there. It is about the extraordinary hockey players in the country.


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