BACON CUP 2018 : Experience Beats Talent

Hockey is no longer an odd game where you chase a hard ball with a stick. It is now a promising sport. One which we are actually quite good at!. Astro hockey turf ground was all set for one of the prestigious club hockey tournaments in Sri Lanka, Bacon Cup Knockout Tournament. This year, Hockey team of University of Moratuwa was fortunate enough to play side by side with well experienced club Hockey players in Sri Lanka in the Bacon Cup.

The audience were stuffed with supporters from all teams as well as many Hockey enthusiasts. The tournament commenced with the opening match between Kothalawala Defence University Team and Old Peterites. KDU players started the game with stylish moves whereas Old Peterites took a fair amount of time to settle. In the first half of the game, KDU scored 5 goals out of which 2 were fabulously mastered short-corners. Second half commenced with two goals from Peterites heightening their spirits
back in the game. Score was 5-2 when a dashing strike by No.20 player of KDU, Asher, smashed straightly into the goal destroying any newfound hope of Peterites. KDU players started raining strikes into the goal amidst the desperate defense of Peterites. Finally, KDU secured a 12-2 win in the opening game.

Not much seconds after 11.37am, Mora players invaded the Astro Hockey Turf for next eighty minutes to the epic encounter with the Old Anandians. One could not get his eyes off the ground before the energetic moves of both the teams despite the fact that the first couple of minutes of the game passed without any goals. A faulty move by a Mora player got Anandians a short corner. It was skillfully defended by Mora Goalie Sachintha. Anandian Captain injured while trying a goal and was carried out of the ground. Not long after restarting the game, Mora player Vishwanath was green carded for an illegal move. A short corner successfully capitalized by Anandians was raided directly into the goal. Score was 0-1 when Old Anandians scored a penalty and score was raised to 0-2. Defence of the Mora team was hardly tough in the face of experienced Old Anandian players. Manipulating the opportunity, they were able to score two continuous short corners. Score was 0-4. Mora fans were desperately waiting for a goal before the half-time. Ruining the tiniest hope for Mora fans, Dilusha from Old Anandian team scored a goal with a dashing shot just before the half-time bringing the score to 0-5.

Not long after second half commenced, Oshan from Old Anandians attempted a goal but was tactfully defended by Mora goalie. Score was remaining at 0-5. Mora fans were eagerly but desperately waiting for a goal. Striking a tad of hope in fans, Mora was able to get the ball inside the penalty circle. They were just about to smash the ball right into the goal when Pasindu of Mora team fell on the ground and the ball hit him on his back. He was in great pain when he was carried out of the ground. Only fifteen minutes were remaining in the game. Mora players were fighting tooth and nail to secure a goal, but little did they have to offer in front of the experience and skills of Old Anandians. Seconds before the referee blew the whistle, Anandians were able to score another short corner converting the final score to 0-6. Finally, Old Anandians secured the victory against Mora in the second match of Bacon cup tournament.  

The next match of the tournament was between CH&FC team and University of Colombo. After sixty minutes of playing time under the scorching sun the final score was 2-2. In the penalty shoot-out given afterwards, CH&FC managed to secure 4 goals while UOC scored only 3. CH&FC secured their place in semi-finals.
In the last match of the quarter-finals, Royal College HC were able to white-wash Old President’s HC for 6-0. Old presidents were almost helpless in front of the skillful attackers of the opposite team. Semi-final and final matches of the tournament are scheduled to be held on upcoming Saturday. We congratulate all the teams that qualified to semi-finals!

Article By : Maduka Jayasinghe

Edited By : Imthadh Ahamed

Sponsored By : Millennium IT

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