The kings and queens of IUG hockey 2017

A new day began with a new sun shine, refreshed minds and uplifted hopes. University of Peradeniya ground was much busy as it getting ready for the final day of hockey tournament of Inter University Games 2017. Hundreds of cheering voices were gathered around the ground and waiting to see the position of their universities. The hearts in the middle of the ground were beating fast for the trophy.

Four universities from men’s and four universities from women’s were ready for the battle of semi-finals sharp at 8 a.m.

University of Colombo Vs. Rajarata University of SL : 6-5
University of Moratuwa Vs. University of Peradeniya : 2-0
University of Colombo and Moratuwa were lucky enough to go forward.
University of Kelaniya vs. University of Jaffna: 3-0
University of Sri Jaywardenepura vs. University of Colombo: 1-0
Universities of Kelaniya and Sri Jayawardenepura were selected for the final battle.

After semi-finals, Universities of Rajarata and Peradeniya from men’s category and Universities of Colombo and Jaffna from women’s category fought for the third places. Consolation finals were held and from the following results Rajarata and UOC won the third places from men’s and women’s respectively.

Rajarata University of SL Vs. University of Peradeniya : 3-2
University of Colombo vs. University of Jaffna: 3-2

Finally, the most awaited moment started to happen. Everyone had only one question in their minds. “Who will be the champions?”

Universities of Moratuwa and Colombo, the two giants in hockey were ready for the men’s finals while Universities of Kelaniya and Sri Jayawardenepura were keeping their steps to the ground for women’s finals.

Mother Nature also seemed to be confused by seen the talents of the players. A heavy rain had fallen down after about the first ten minutes of the final matches. But no one was giving up the momentum of the match. The most significant thing was cheering crowd also was exposed to rain, but no matter their bodies were wet, as their minds were full of warm.

Men’s final match was a great one between UOC and UOM. All the skills and tricks of hockey could be visible on the ground. The sound of the hits of hockey sticks shouted out the talents of the players of both teams. After a nail bite of more than 60 minutes, none of the two teams had allowed the other to take at least one single goal. Penalty strokes were the decision of judges. Breaths were stopped for a while. Finally, echoing the ground with the pride of winning, University of Colombo secured their continuous record of championships by 4-3. University of Moratuwa remained at the place of runner-up, but they were also talented to the same level of Colombo.

The captain and the vice-captain of UOC, Ashan and Yasas were much proud of their team members who had sacrificed a lot to take this winning. They did not forgot to thank their physical education unit, the master and instructor in charge, and their coach for being the shadow of them. Said their only target is to keep the continuous record of championships and they would start practices from tomorrow itself for that target.

Women’s final matches drew attention of all while the men’s are going. Everybody expect that the well experienced, SLUG 2016 champions, University of Kelaniya will be the queens this time also. But SJP changed the game. J’Pura defeated UOK by 2-0 and kept their alma mater on top of IUG hockey 2017.

The captain of the team of University of Sri Jayawardenepura, M.D.G de Silva, shared her ideas with us. As she mentioned, this winning is a lot to them as there were many new players in their team. She said, the clear target and the hard practicing incorporate with team spirit lead them to the success. She thanked their physical education department, the instructors and the coaches for the great support.

Another one step of Inter University Games 2017 was kept forward like this. Great three days with great experiences had added to the IUG history.

Stay tuned with MoraSpirit to see who will carry the overall championship to their university in IUG 2017.

Article by:Janani Kulasekara
Edited by:Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by:Millennium IT

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