Let the hockey sticks to hit the balls!

The sun peeped from Hanthana Hills for the second day of hockey tournament of Inter University Games 2017. Green grass on Peradeniya grounds welcomed the players and the cheering crowd. The players were refreshed with the pleasant wind, so that hopes had been increased for a great day.

A new day started and all were wishing their University to be in the top. The cheering voices had become more nervous than the players, so that a non-stop cheering could be heard from the beginning.

Rest of the preliminary rounds started sharp at 8’O clock in the morning. All the teams did better than the last day, so that collecting goals had suddenly become a hard task. A great uplift of the courage of all the teams could be visible.

Preliminary round finished as follows giving the chance to the quarter finals.

01 University of Jaffna University of Kelaniya 3:0
02 University of Colombo University of Peradeniya 1:0
03 University of Moratuwa University of Rajarata 3:2

01 University of Rajarata University of Ruhuna 1:0
02 Sabaragamuwa University of SL University of Peradeniya 4:1

Quarter final matches started at about 12.30 pm. Clouds came and covered the sun, so that a cool, pleasant atmosphere was created. In a very comfortable environment players could be seen very energetic and encouraged.

Men’s matches were held to select the teams for semi-finals.

The first quarter final match was held between two giants, University of Colombo, the hockey champions of SLUG 2016 and Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, one of the most highlighted teams this year. University of Colombo kept their last year pride by winning the match by 2-0.

The second match was held between University of Moratuwa and University of Kelaniya giving the winning to UOM by 3-0.

The third match was held between University of peradeniya and University of Sri Jayawardenepura. The given time went, giving both teams only one goal each. Both teams were not second to each other. After a nail bite of another more minutes, University of Peradeniya took the chance to go forward by defeating University of SJP by 5-4.

Rajarata University won the last match defeating University of Jaffna by 4-0.

While the men’s matches were going on that way, women’s quarter finals started.

The first match was held between University of Sri Jayawardenepura and University of Peradeniya. University of SJP played well and defeated UOP by 2-0.

University of Jaffna won the second match with University of Moratuwa by 1-0 after a hard match as UOM didn’t give up till the last second.

The third match was held between two giants, champions of SLUG 2016, University of Kelaniya and one of most significant teams of this year, Sabaragamuwa University. Both were not second to each other, both of them played well, but at last University of Kelaniya won the match by 1-0.

The last quarter final was held between University of Colombo and Rajarata University. After a nail bite of more than 1 hour, UOC won the match by 2-1.

The sun got hidden among the mountains ending the second day of IUG hockey 2017. Both winners and losers were together and a life lesson was given to all throughout the day. In a match, there would be a winner, so definitely there should be a loser too. The experience you gathered would be the most important thing.

Time will pass slowly; you have to wait another day to know the exact winners. Who will bring the trophy to their alma mater? Visit University of Peradeniya grounds on 17th September 2017 and feel the heartbeats of players by your own! Don’t worry if you won’t be able to come, MoraSpirit is already ready to give you updates. Keep in touch with us!

Article by: Janani Kulasekara
Edited by:Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by:Millennium IT

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