Maneuvering of balls to the victory!

The sun shined after continuous days of rain and blessings the hockey players in a great manner. Little rain drops which came down speed up the heartbeats of players and the cheering crowd, but it was a rain of blessing. The dew drops on the ground of University of Peradeniya welcomed the players by kissing the shoes. Balls and the hockey sticks were ready for the battle. Thousands of footprints were kept on Peradeniya grounds to start the hockey matches of Inter University Games 2017.

Around the ground no single space could be visible. Hockey lovers consisting the sports lovers of all the universities of Sri Lanka had filled the ground and their cheering voices echoed even before the beginning of matches. As the first day of hockey tournament, the preliminary rounds of hockey of both men and women started sharp at 8’O clock.

Matches were held after one by one creating a breathtaking moment. All were counting fingers for the results to see their alma mater on a higher place in Inter University Games 2017. Finally the following results were displayed.

01 University of Jaffna Wayamba University of SL 3:1
02 University of Sri Jayawardenepura Sabaragamuwa University SL 1:0
03 Rajarata University of SL University of Uva Wellassa 8:1
04 University of Peradeniya University of Ruhuna 4:1
05 Wayamba University of SL University of Kelaniya 1:2
06 University of Colombo University of Ruhuna 2:1
07 University of Moratuwa University of Uva Wellassa 4:0

01 University of Colombo University of Uva Wellassa 3:0
02 Rajarata University of SL University of Jaffna 1:0
03 Sabaragamuwa University of SL Wayamba University of SL 8:0
04 University of Moratuwa University of Uva Wellassa 3:0
05 University of Jaffna University of Ruhuna 2:0
06 University of Kelaniya University of Sri Jayawardenepura 1:2
07 University of Peradeniya Wayamba University of SL 2:0

According to the results, the semi-finals and the finals will be held. Who will carry the trophy?

Here from MoraSpirit, we wish all the young hockey players all the best for the remaining two days of hockey tournament which will be held on 16th and 17th of September, at University of Peradeniya grounds.

Upcoming two days will be the most important and awaited days. So we invite all of you to stay tuned with MoraSpirit for the quick and correct updates.

Article by : Janani Kulasekara
Edited by : Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by : Millennium IT

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