Mora Hockey 7's : An Event to Remember

Mora Hockey 7’S another big day for Mora Family. Thousands of footprints are welcomed to scroll another page of Mora diary. Every vacant spot was filled with Hockey lovers who were busy cheering for their Alma mater. University of Ruhuna, University of Sabaragamuwa, University of Kelaniya, University of Rajarata, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Uva Wellassa University got together with one vision that is to possess the glory of victory.

Amidst thousands of fresh hopes, opening ceremony was held. Professor K. Kapila CK. Perera, Dean of the faculty of Engineering graced the occasion as the chief guest. After presenting the players’ oath the tournament was declaredly opened by the chief guest.

Men’s Teams:

         Men A     Men  B    Men   C     Men D
MoratuwaA Sabaragamuwa Kelaniya A Sri Jayewardenepura
Wayaba Moratuwa  B Uva Rajarata
  Ruhuna Moratuwa C Kelaniya C

Women’s Teams:

     Women A       Women B       Women C    Women D
Kelaniya A Sabaragamuwa A Moratuwa A Sri Jaywardenepura
Moratuwa C Moratuwa B Wayaba Kelaniya
Ruhuna Rajarata Uva Sabaragamuwa


Men’s Quarter-finals results:

University of Moratuwa (A)Vs University of Wayaba:3-1.

University of Sabaragamuwa Vs University of Sri Jaywardanepura:1-0.

University of Kelaniya (A) Vs University of Wayaba :1-0.

University of Rajarata Vs University of Ruhuna :0-3.


Men’s semi- finals results:

University of Kelaniya Vs University of Sabaragamuwa:1-0.

University of Moratuwa(A) Vs University of Ruhuna :1-0.

University of Moratuwa(A) and University of Kelaniya were selected for the final battle.


Women’s Quarter final results

University of Kelaniya (A) Vs University of Wayaba :2-0.

University of Sabaragamuwa(A) Vs University of Sabaragamuwa(B):3-1.

 University of Moratuwa(A) Vs University of Ruhuna :2-1

University of Sri Jaywardenepura Vs University of Moratuwa (B):4-0.


Women’s semi- finals results

University of Moratuwa Vs University of Sabaragamuwa:0-0(full time)1-2(penalty strokes)

University of Sri Jayewardenepura Vs University of Kelaniya:0-0(full time)2-1(penalty strokes)

University of Sabaragamuwa(A) and University of Sri Jaywardenepura was lucky enough to move forward.


After semi-finals Universities of Sabaragamuwa and Ruhuna from men’s category and Universities of Moratuwa(A) and Kelaniya(A) from women’s category fought for the third place. Consolation finals were held and according to that results Sabaragamuwa and Kelaniya(A) won the third places from the men and women respectively.

Men: University of Sabaragamuwa Vs University of Ruhuna :0-0(full time)3-2(penalty strokes).

Women: University of Moratuwa(A) Vs University of Kelaniya(A): 1-2.

Then the most anticipating moment, cheers were risen, hearts were beating fast and the battle started. High striking, tripping, slashing, spearing, hooking and fighting to be the owners of the trophy. Who will be the champions?  Everyone struggles in their hearts.

Thousands of eyes pointed towards  one place, one vision, one trophy. Two giants in hockey University of Moratuwa(A) and University of Kelaniya(A) were ready for the men’s final while the University of Sabaragamuwa(A) and University of Sri Jaywardenepura were keeping their steps to women’s final.

Men’s final match was able to grab every one’s attention. All the skills and tricks of the hockey could be visible on the ground. Both teams were playing in high spirits as no one is giving up the momentum of the match. Finally, amidst the roaring cheers University of Moratuwa was able to be the real owners of the trophy by beating 2-0. University of Kelaniya(A) remained at the place of runners-up.

Women’ s final matches were the major attraction of the whole ground. Though fatigue destroys their energy they never gave up the game. Eventually, university of Sabaragamuwa was able to be the champions by 1-0 by defeating the University of Sri Jaywardenepura.

In the end, the closing ceremony, another dream event of each player. Championship awards were given by the Chief Guest, Hemantha Damdeniya, were engaged with the closing ceremony by giving medals to the winners of the day. The best women player was Kalani Perera from University of Sabaragamuwa the best player was Chanaka Kapilarathna from University of Moratuwa. Participation certificates were delivered by the Chanuka De Silva.

Time passed by, day light disappeared slowly, another chapter of Mora Hockey history remarkably closed, crowning champions giving them unforgettable memories for their lives. It doesn’t matter if you fail today, continue your dreaming along with dedication and commitment one day you will be Champions. MoraSpirit gives its best wishes to each and every one for supporting Mora 7’s and for being the pillar of success.

Article By : Lahiruni Perera

Edited By : Imthadh Ahamed

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