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The morning bliss of the day raised the curtain for one of the most remarkable events in the grounds of University of Moratuwa. It was Mora Hockey 7’s 2017! This was another glamorous event organized by the Hockey Team of University of Moratuwa, incorporated with many individuals & sponsors.

The teams from University of Moratuwa, University of Sri Jayawardenapura, University of Wayamba, University of Kelaniya, Sabaragamuwa University, University of Rajarata and University of Uwa Wellassa stepped into the ground with utter determination of clinching the championship of this event.

Hockey is not just a game which is played in the ground, but it is the dedication and the undying dream embedded inside every player who laces up their skates and plays their heart out at the game. The team should be like a family sharing blood, sweat and tears together, but more importantly sharing their victories.

With the morning blessings of the sky, the event commenced at the grounds of University of Moratuwa. The opening ceremony gave a grand welcome to all the players from universities and other technical parties. And then the technical meeting was conducted for all the players which directed all the rules and regulations limited for the event.

Minute by minute passed, and the ground was opened for the most awaited moment of the event. It was the time to show the impressive performance of the university teams, just after the Inter University Games of 2017.
The match schedule was arranged as below.


Men A Men B Men C Men D
Mora A Sabare Kelaniya A SJP
Wayamba Mora B Uva Rajarata
  Ruhuna Mora C Kelaniya B



Women A Women B Women C Women D
Kelaniya A Sabare Mora A SJP
Mora C Mora B Wayamba Kelaniya B
Ruhuna Rajarata Uva Sabare B

With utmost powers & undying dedications of all the team members, the matches continued by further enlightening the spirit of each team member. The result of each match of the event further empowered the strength of the team members and the strength of battling as a team.

Hours passed by and the grounds raised the curtains for the most awaited moment of the day: the battles for clinching the championship trophy. It was the final match in which the toughest teams fought to conquer the winning title of the event.

Then, after unbeatable battles among the finalists, the event stepped closer to an ending. By enlightening the powers of the Men's teams, University of Moratuwa -Team A conquered the Championship Trophy of the event by defeating Univeristy of Kelaniya - Team A which became the 1st runners up of the event. The 2nd runners up was owned by Sabaragamuwa University.
The crown for the Women's teams was owned by Sabaragamuwa University and 1st runners up was University of Sri jayawardenapura. The 2nd runners up of the event was owned by University of Kelaniya - A Team.Then the closing ceremony of the event staged on the ground premises concluding with the winners of the series of matches. This marked the end of Mora Hockey 7’s where the passion and commitment of the players led towards the glorious victory of the game.


Article by: Shehara Liyanarachchi

Edited by: Yumna Albar

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