A plenty of Mora empty hands get mighty

“Which belt do you have?” is a default question which is asked from anyone who is practicing karate. Grading test is the occasion where karatekas can gain so called belts in Karate.
First grading test for Mora karatekas for the year 2018 was held on last Friday, 24th of August at the new gymnasium of University of Moratuwa, under the supervision of Shihan K.K.R.V. Satharasinghe, Chief Instructor of Sato Ha Shito Ryu Sri Lanka branch.

The Slow and Steady Wins the Game

Inter University Karate Championship came to an end at the Gymnasium of University of Sri Jayewardenapura on Sunday, 18th July, 2017. The medalists of 7 categories were decorated with medals. Day one was the Kata day and day two was for the Kumite. Kihon, Kata and kumite are the KS of Karate. Kihon means basics, Kata means form and Kumite means partner work. Karate is a highly complex art that takes many years to master and is a noble art of self-defense yet another beautiful sport.

Kick, punch, withdraw; UOM karatekas

Kick, punch, withdraw, knife hand strike, elbow strike and so the karatekas strive to achieve their victory. This will never be enough to describe the teamwork and dedication that divided in between each member to carry equal weights on their shoulders as they write unforgettable roaring moments of Mora karate history.

SLUG-2016| Another Day of Devotion Scored – Karate!

SLUG 2016, Karate games were held on 10th and 11th September at Kuliyapitya University Premises, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. Day one was assigned for weight checking and competition was held on the second day under two main categories, Kata and Kumite.

IUC 2015 | Karate : “Ich – Ni – San – Shi”

After a day of "haa hoo" Men’s and Women’s Karate matches of Inter University Games held at at University of Sabaragamuwa concluded yesterday (6th) with a great deal of dominance from Karatekas from University of Colombo.....

Exquisite Combat on the Karate Fighting Floor

The inter university Karate championship was successfully held on 31st of August 2014 at the gymnasium of University of Kelaniya with the participation of the vice chancellor of University of Kelaniya as the chief guest.

Many skillful players, representing universities all around the country, performed discerning combat on the fighting floor. Unfortunately UOM players were unable to perform up to their usual aptness. Still, some of them were able to remark their names in victory.

Sneak Peaks of Mora Karate

One month after the SLUG 2013, hardcore training was started in order to craft the current team members out of the blue to refill the gap left by the passed out senior players of the team.


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