Back to Back Championships for Japura Netball!

Another remarkable chapter of IUG 2018, Netball Championship, was started yesterday on 18th of August 2018 at University of Uva Wellassa grounds. Matches were conducted at four netball courts simultaneously at university premises and fourteen university teams gathered with high hopes to win the battle this year. As the tournament progressed the intensity of the game was increased with loud cheers from the spectators.

Fourth Consecutive Time – Trophy Stays at Home

Today is another special milestone in Netball history that the University of Sri Jayawardanapura achieved the glorious victory of Netball championship for the 4th consecutive time. The young energetic women players once again proved that they are the most formidable opponents to any team with the score of 79/35 against JAF.

IUGs 2017| Netball : Who Will Conquer The Court?

The battle for the Inter University Netball Championship started on 12th of August, 2017 at the University of Sabaragamuwa playground at 8 a.m. onwards. It’s the girls’ time to show their talents and pay off for their dedication. Young energetic women players from fourteen universities gathered around the courts with high hopes to perform at their best to be the champ of 2017. In the morning, it was warm and sunny without any indications of rain. All the Netball lovers gathered around the courts to cheer up the teams. There was a big crowd from Sabaragamuwa University as they are the hosting university for the Netball Championship. The cheering spectators made the ground more fervid with their cheering quotes.

SLUG-2016| J’PURA Shoot Over PERA; Netball Champs

Another remarkable page of 12th Sri Lanka University Games was turned at University of Wayamba grounds with the announcement of women netball championship today 3rd September 2016. Young energetic women players of University of Sri Jayawardhanapura wore the crown of championship and joined to the golden history of SLUG in Netball.

SLUG 2016 | Who will shoot the final goal?

The waiting was over. Green grass of Wayamba University grounds was ready to embrace the bouncing and punching moves of the energetic women players. Fourteen Sri Lankan Universities gathered at Wayamba university grounds with the hope and faith to battle for the Netball Championship, at Sri Lanka University Games 2016. Eighteen Netball matches were held yesterday (02/09/2016) to finalize the qualified universities for the Quarter final matches, which is scheduled to be held on today (03/09/2016).

Ladies Only !!

Today, 14th May 2016 Ladies of UOM gathered at university netball courts to participate the Inter-Department Netball Tournament 2016. Matches were held throughout the day with the participation of all the faculties of UOM; two teams from Faculty of IT, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Engineering each.

Who will be the lucky 7?


“Pera Invitational mix netball Championship 2016” will be held on 2nd and 3rd of April at University  of Peradeniya Gymnasium. UOP will bring the competition to the inter university level, for the first time in their history with the collaboration of both the department of physical education and netball team of University of Peradeniya.



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