Fourth Consecutive Time – Trophy Stays at Home

Today is another special milestone in Netball history that the University of Sri Jayawardanapura achieved the glorious victory of Netball championship for the 4th consecutive time. The young energetic women players once again proved that they are the most formidable opponents to any team with the score of 79/35 against JAF.

In day one, thirteen matches of preliminary round and four matches of quarter final round were held, creaming out JAF, SJP, KEL and COL for the semi finals. Weather conditions blessed the matches today. The battles were held between JAF vs. KEL and SJP vs. COL. All four teams came to the ground with the hope of victory.  The battles began at 8.30a.m. In the first match, JAF won by 17 points over KEL and managed to secure the place for the final match. SJP again put their aggressive game style against the opponent and won the match by 43/21. Though COL won all four matches in the previous rounds, unfortunately they were kicked out by SJP, throwing away the hopes of their fans.
All the players and crowd were looking forward for the final. Everyone was eager to know who will be the owner of the championship. With the curiosity, the consolation final match was started between COL and KEL. COL showed their colours by defeating KEL at 41/38 and became the second runner’s up of the event. The most awaited final match was started between SJP and JAF. Both the teams were well renowned and powerful in all aspects. SJP and JAF started to compete aginst  each other in order to take goals. Goal by goal passed, it was very interesting to watch the way that SJP scoring points. The score gap proceeded as each quarter progressed. SJP finished the match in style with a score of 79/35 against JAF. University of Sri Jayawardanapura once again crowned at the Netball championship.

At the end of the Final, MoraSpirit interviewed Sonali Nanayakkara, the Captain of J’pura team. We asked about her view regarding their victory. She expressed with great honour that this is the 4th consecutive time that they have won the Netball championship in IUGs. In this final, they had a target for gaining 80 goals and they were able to achieve that with the score of 79/35 against Jaffna team. Also she emphasized that they practiced well and they applied all the techniques that were taught by the Coach. Telling about the specialty in her team, she said that they owe the best coach and best players in her team. All twelve players are very much responsible of their specific tasks; especially the shooters contribute their maximum for the victory of every match. Also she thanked the Vice chancellor- Prof.Sampath Amarathunga, coach- Hycianth Wijesinghe, team manager- Ramani Kulathilaka, Former Acting Directress of physical education- Madam Thamara Jayasekara, Acting Directress of physical education- Madam Nishanthi Vidanage and Vice captain- Himasha Radalage as they are the shadows behind their victory.

As MoraSpirit we would like to convey our heartiest blessings to all the winners of the Inter University Netball championship. All your hard work, commitment and practice were paid off. We wish all of them good luck for their future endeavors.

Article By : Nethumini Palihawadana

Edited By : Imthadh Ahamed

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