IUGs 2017| Netball : Who Will Conquer The Court?

The battle for the Inter University Netball Championship started on 12th of August, 2017 at the University of Sabaragamuwa playground at 8 a.m. onwards. It’s the girls’ time to show their talents and pay off for their dedication. Young energetic women players from fourteen universities gathered around the courts with high hopes to perform at their best to be the champ of 2017.  In the morning, it was warm and sunny without any indications of rain. All the Netball lovers gathered around the courts to cheer up the teams. There was a big crowd from Sabaragamuwa University as they are the hosting university for the Netball Championship. The cheering spectators made the ground more fervid with their cheering quotes. 

Thirteen matches were held throughout the day with the participation of fourteen universities under four groups. Group A consisted of SJP, SEA and VPA while group B consisted of PER, SAB, RUH. Group C was formed by JAF, WAY, EST, UVA while COL, KEL, RAY, MOR formed the group D. The first three matches were started at same time in three courts between MOR vs. COL, KEL vs. RAJ and JAF vs. UVA. COL was able to win the match by 7 points over MOR. KEL kept a great lead against RAJ with a score of 45-10. UVA was beaten by JAF with a score of 35-16. The audience were seemed to be much excited, praying victory for their teams. Each team attempted to score goals by passing the ball down the court and shooting it through its goal ring.  SEA and EST were not present for the tournament which resulted in other teams in the group getting walkovers. Rest of the matches were continued till the evening, giving the spectators enthusiastic matches throughout the day.

At the end of the preliminary round, eight teams were qualified for the quarter finals. In the evening, the weather turned bad giving bad signs for the progression of the matches in quarter final round. Thunderstorms occurred creating the ambient a gloomy surrounding. Small drizzle started, but it didn’t last long. Then, the quarter final matches were started at 5p.m. The matches were SJP vs. WAY, PER vs. KEL, JAF vs. VPA and COL vs. SAB. In the first match of this round, JAF easily clinched the match 47-08 against VPA. VPA was failed to give a tough fight to JAF. SJP ladies again recorded a great win against WAY with a score of 55-07. In the first round also they had defeated the VPA with a gap of 58, remembering the audience the power of SJP young ladies as previous years. Then there was a neck to neck competition between KEL vs. PER. After a big struggle, KEL defeated PER by one point. The spectators of Sabaragamuwa University  waited for the next match between COL vs. SAB. COL again showed their strengths by defeating SAB with a score of 32-19. Though there was a big crowd cheering for SAB, COL won the match giving a big shock to the crowd. At the end of quarter final matches, JAF, SJP, KEL and COL were selected for the semifinals.

Semi-finals, consolation final and the most awaited final match were under way at the Sabaragamuwa grounds. Await the detailed elaboration of what happened in the end at this years’ IUGs Netball Championship!

Article By : Nethumini Palihawadana

Edited By : Imthadh Ahamed

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