Begin with the End in Mind!

‘Dream, believe, achieve’

Sparkles of the morning dawn raise the curtain for another glamorous event of Inter University Games 2017 in the University of Eastern Premises.

83 participants representing their universities were getting ready to grab another trophy; give another victory for their universities. On one side, the event organizers were arranging the event in a flawless manner. Moreover, on the other side, the spectators representing their universities were gathering around to cheer up their participants.

Amidst all these preparations, breaking the dawn mist in the surrounding, the time was closer to start up the event.

With the warmth of the morning bliss, the participants became more energetic with the embedded determination in their minds to snatch the trophy.

The starting point of the road race was 1km above from Kiran junction and the path lied along the Trincomalee - Batticaloa highway ending up on Eastern University premises.

Tick tock! Finally it was 6.00 a.m. The participants lined up over the startup line with thumping heartbeats. Even the viewers were in an exciting situation until the startup signal was given.

With the gunshot sound, the amassed participants along the startup line commenced running towards their dream victories.

The thumping of heartbeats increased when second by second passed on, until they crossed the final destination point where it was the Eastern University.

In this event, a participant should be rich with stamina, speed, strength, skill and spirit. However, out of these, the most wanted is none other than the spirit.

Finally, it was again the participant from University of Sabaragamuwa who reached the finishing line at first clocking 33 minutes and 23 seconds. He was N.M.C Chathuranga. It was a brilliant achievement which concluded with a record when compared with the SLUG 2016 event. Then the second winner reached clocking 33 minutes and 40 seconds who was K.Kokulanathan from Eastern University. He was the one who bagged the third place in SLUG 2016 road run event.

When totaling the overall points of the participants, it was University of Sri Jayawardanapura who champed the event, who clinched the trophy of Inter University Games 2017 yet again, after the Inter University Games 2015. Once more, they have proven that they are ‘J’Pura- The road runners’, by culminating the road race event of Inter University Games 2017.


Place Name of the competitor Timing University
1 N.M.C Chathuranga 33.23 SAB
2 K.Kokulanathan 33.40 EST
3 A.J.M.O.D Madhusanka 33.57 SJP
4 H.M.D.P Bandara 35.32 SJP
5 M.L.M Sajanas 35.50 SAB
6 P. Rujinthan 35.53 JAF
7 W.M.N.L.B Weerasinghe 36.00 KEL
8 S.Elilan 36.23 JAF
9 P.A.S Bandara 36.24 RAJ
10 I.Sutharsan 36.56 JAF


1.      University of Sri Jayawardenepura

2.      University of Jaffna

3.      University of Sabaragamuwa

4.      University of Rajarata

5.      University of Peradeniya

6.      University of Ruhuna

7.      University of Kelaniya

8.      University of Colombo

9.      University of Moratuwa

10.  University of Eastern

11.  University of Wayamba

12.  University of Uva


Article By : Ishani Shehara

Edited By : Ahamed Ifham

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