IUC 2018 Rowing| Another Year Brings upon Familiar Winners as the Norm Continues

While the still-under-construction Lotus Tower decorated its scenery, the Inter University Rowing Championship began at the hour past noon as the oarsmen and women splashed somewhat greenish waters of the Beira Lake to conquer the rowing battlefield. Unlike most of the University Championships, only two universities have yet been able to boast the participation in the Rowing Championship: University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo.

Mora Men Won 10th Consecutive Title; Colombo Women Completed Whitewash

It was a great day at Colombo Rowing Club when University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo locked horns for the titles of Inter University Regattta 2017. UOM Oarsmen dominated the men’s races while UOC’s women completed the whitewash. Lads from UOM won 10th consecutive title reiterating their supremacy. Many races drew the spectators to the winning line as they turned out to be nerve-tingling. Audience were able witness a splendid regatta at Beira Lake and many Old Mora, Old UOC oarsmen and women came to support their teams. They didn’t forget to spell the names “Mora” and “Colombo” whenever they defeated their rivals.

They Outmatched the Blue Water in Sri Lanka & so Did in Malaysia

Yes, it's difficult and challenging for both the mind and the body, but that's the deal. Mens sana in corpore sano. (A healthy mind in a healthy body, as an ideal in living)That is how training and racing works and that is the beauty of rowing—we push ourselves to the limit to see what we are truly capable of. It's often been said that 'sports don't build character, they reveal it.' I'm inclined to say that they do both. 

SLUG 2016 | The Last Moment

For getting outcomes with the dedication of the whole year, University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo were at Colombo Rowing Club for the rowing championship of SLUG on 13th Aug 2016. The last moment of the tournament was marked when the nose of Mora boat emerged first through the finish line!

28th Summer Universiade, Gwangju | Mubarak Rows His Way Up

Proving that Sri Lankans have it in their blood and genes, a star of Sri Lanka in the field of Rowing, Ahamad Muhamed Mubarak show cased his talents and years’ dedication at Tangeum Lake, Chungju in 28th Summer Universiade 2015.

IUC 2015 | Rowing: "Caught the Snitch, Yet Lost the Match"

Oarsmen of Mora completed the hatrick of white washes after winning the Inter University Rowing Regatta (42-0). University of Colombo came so close in the ladies competition, yet so far away. Mora ladies won the competition (28-14) to complete their 3rd successive title.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

As the 34th World Indoor Rowing Championship unfolds in Boston today (1st of March), Sri Lanka took its first step in adopting the trend here by holding the inaugural National Indoor Rowing Championship.


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