UOM got the power to snatch Mora Cup 2018

The cool morning breeze, blew through the blooming flowers and leafed out trees, whispered refreshing hopes to the ears of players. The gleams of sunshine warmly embraced the contenders to the university premises of Moratuwa on 6 th May 2018.Who will end up with creating their own sunshine? Everyone was wondering. The entire arena was beautifully arranged for the commencement of The Mora Cup 2018 organized by the soccer team of University Of Moratuwa in cooperation with the Physical Education Division. Twelve teams from nine universities: University of Peradeniya (UOP), University of Sri Jayewardenepura(USJP), Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka(SAB), University of Kelaniya(KEL), University of Colombo(UOC), University of Ruhuna(RUH), South Eastern University of Sri Lanka(SEUSL) , Wayamba University of Sri Lanka(WUSL) and 4 teams from host, University of Moratuwa(UOM) were stepped to  UOM ground to chase behind The Mora Cup 2018.

Football: a game about sharing, a game of bearing, a game of collision and a game of hard workers.

It is not just a struggle to put a ball into a net. It’s an art. If you give yourself to the game, this game has the power to give you everything. Keeping that in mind all the youngsters gathered to commence today’s proceedings.

The participating teams were about to fight against each other under four groups Team A , Team B ,Team C and Team D.

Team A Team B Team C Team D

With the arrival of the Chief Guest, president of Sri Lanka Football Federation, Mr. Anura De Silva, and other eminent people, another glamorous episode of Mora Cup began to show up on the stage. With the blessings, congratulations and thunderous ovation by the crowd seven- a- side tournament got started without further delay.

Twelve matches of   preliminary round, were held creaming out SAB ,SEA ,PER ,RUH ,SJP ,Mora A ,Old Mora and WAY for the four matches of quarter finals. In the preliminary round, results after the battle were as follows.

Match No Match Score Winner
01 COL Vs. RUH 2-2 RUH won by penalties
02 SEA Vs. MOR C 3-1 SEA
03 WAY Vs. MOR B 0-0 WAY won by penalties
04 MOR A Vs. KEL 1-0 MOR A
05 OLD MORA Vs. RUH 0-0 OLD MORA won by penalties
06 SJP Vs.  MOR C 4-0 SJP
07 PER Vs. MOR B 2-1 PER
08 SAB Vs. MOR A 3-1 MOR A
10 SEA Vs. SJP 3-2 SEA
11 PER Vs. WAY 2-0 PER
12 KEL Vs. SAB 1-3 SAB

Out of the eight teams, OLD MORA, PER, MORA A and SEA teams were able to retain the dream of trophy along the journey. In quarter finals OLD MORA clashed with WAY team and led the match to the end and finished off as (1-0). SJP Vs. MOR A ended up as (0-1) and third quarter finals was absolutely tough as nails resulting PER as the winners overpowering Ruhuna team for (3-1).At the final quarter finals SEA was able to shut down SAB by penalties and led the game.

The first match of semifinals was played by OLD MORA team and MORA A team. After a tough play and eye catching kicks Mora A secured their chance to compete in the finals. By defeating PERA for 0-1, SEA qualified for the finals with the aim of giving exciting challenge to Mora A.

In the third place match PERA was defeated by OLD MORA, by 3-2 fading off the hopes of PERA team.

The most gratifying part of this sporting event, commenced at about 4.30 p.m. Players of both universities were warmed up by the cheering sounds of fans. Everyone was feared to blink their eyes so that they will miss one great moment of the match. At the beginning of the match, both teams showed some energetic moves, but till the end of the first half of the game, no team could achieve a goal. So, the key to the Mora Cup relied on penalties. At the dying moments of the match MORA A suppressed SEA by scoring penalties (3-2). Representing MORA A team, Anasraj, Ajanthasingam and Udara were able to shoot penalties successfully. SEA was failed with one penalty and two were succeed. Although everyone devoted their efforts to the game, only few are lucky enough to give value to their endeavors. At the end, the tussle turned in favor for Mora, and before the setting down beams of sun fall down to the university ground, destiny of the day was written in front of their names.

Football is a game of mistakes and once who makes less, reach to the victory. This is the end of a game that brought out fire, but it rarely lost its grace.

 The awarding ceremony was held with the presence of chairman of Sports Advisory Board of University of Moratuwa Mr. M.G.R Perera and Director of Department of Physical Education Mr. K.R.D.C Rathnamudali. Once again, Host Mora seized today’s success convincing that they are the formidable players to challenge anyone and proudly crowned the trophy. While SEA deserved as the runners up and Old Mora clinched the 2 nd runners up. Best player of the finals was awarded for M.J. Roshan of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka while Mandapa Pandithage of Mora A team emerged as the best goal keeper due his dominant capabilities. Performed extraordinary talents throughout the tournament paved the carpet for A.P.S Dias of OLD MORA team to be raised as the overall best player of the Mora Cup 2018.

All the Hard work and efforts were paid off. Facing challengers with determination sacrifice and perseverance is what matters and Team Mora A has done it greatly. As Mora Spirit, we warmly convey our heartiest wishes for the outstanding performances done by all the participants. And we give all our regards for the upcoming Inter University Games 2018 to show their utmost talents.

Article By: Ranuja Bandara

Edited by: Janani Kulasekara

Sponsored by: Millenium IT  
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