Getting hit doesn’t Actual Hurt

September 7th and 8th were another two successful days for sports of the Sri Lankan Universities. Two competitors facing one another across a mat surface, fought against each other to bring glory to their own alma-maters. The Gymnasium of University of Ruhuna was brimmed with skillful players with their masterly performance and cheering gangs from different universities establishing the origination of the Inter-University Taekwondo Championship 2017.
The sportsmen and sportswomen from University of Sri Jayawardenapura displayed exquisite combat techniques with a perfect combination of self-defense, sport and exercise and battled their way to both the men’s and women’s championship, achieving 29 points and 30 points respectively. University of Ruhuna, became the runners-up after a heated and exciting game both in the men’s and women’s categories. The third place was won by University of Colombo in the Men’s Championship and Sabaragamuwa University in the Women’s Championship.
The first day (7th September) started with the Poomsae event which can be defined as the style of conduct which expresses directly or indirectly mental and physical refinements as well as the principles of offense and defense resulting from cultivation of Taekwondo spirit and techniques.

Poomsae (Men)

At the start off, K.D. Halanayake representing University of Ruhuna won the gold medal in men’s individual Poomsae Teageuk 1,2,3,4 Jang event. The silver medal was won by W.M. Anjana from University of Moratuwa and bronze medals were won by P.B. Wijebandara from University of Sri Jayawardenapura and D.P.A.B.M. Silva from University of Colombo.
Gold medal winner of the men’s individual Taegeuk 5,6,7,8 was W.P.N.T. Lakmal from Sabaragamuwa University while K.L.A.Y.I. Pushpakumara from University of Sri Jayawardenapura won the silver medal. Bronze medals were won by both A.J.M.L.P. Lakmal from University of Ruhuna and D.F.P.C. Obesekara from University of Jaffna.
Men’s Poomsae open event was won by University of Ruhuna. University of Sri Jayawardenapura became the runner’s up in the same event. University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo achieved the 3rd place.

Poomsae (Women)

S.U.S.B. Wijewikrama from University of Ruhuna won the gold medal for women’s individual Poomsae Teageuk 1,2,3,4 Jang event while B.V.K.W. Senevirathne from University of Sri Jayawardenapura won the silver medal and N.I.S. Mendis from University of Colombo and W.M.K. Kaushalya from Uva Wellassa University took the third spot winning the bronze. Gold medal winner of the women’s individual Taegeuk 5,6,7,8 Jang event was S.U. Hendawitharana from University of Moratuwa. A.G.N. Anuththara from University of Colombo and M.T.P.L.Perera from University of Sri Jayawardenapura and K.M.C.K. Gangani from University of Ruhuna won the silver and two bronze medals respectively.
The University of Sri Jayawardenapura Taekwondo Team won the gold medal for the Poomsae Team event adding points to top the women’s chart while Ruhuna ended up with a silver medal and University of Moratuwa and Uva Wellassa shared the bronze medal.


The first day came to a closure with the poomse team events keeping hope for another successful combat the next day. With the dawn of the next day (8th September) the sparring fighting floor got brightened up with excitement, courage and self-defense of the skillful taekwondo players. In this sparring floor too, the University of Sri Jayawardenapura women’s team was able to hold the ground in their hands taking the fight back with Universities of Kelaniya and Sabaragamuwa. But in the men’s category University of Sri Jayawardenapura established their conquer giving a tight battle to the other universities.
Opponents delivered deadly bows to the heads and chests of players leading their way to victory with aggressive forces. It was a nerve tracking and heart thumping game which induced a curiosity in the audience and towards its climax. Although normally this did not draw blood and was limited only to a few injuries, this time Thilini Wathsala from University of Moratuwa got injured during a match with Sabaragamuwa and was sent to the nearest hospital in a stretcher. Sabaragamuwa University got the chance of a lucky walkover. The aggressive moments are unpredictable. So there is always a doctor standing aside to treat any player if ever needed. The warriers and victims fought unabated in spite of tears and small injuries.


Sparring (Men)

Category 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
Below 54kg (fin) D.F.T.C. Obeysekara (JAF) P.H.T. Malinda (KEL)

W.A.A. Dilshan (WAY)

P.M.D. Chathuranga (SJP)

54kg-58kg (fly) E.M. Siriwardhane (COL) T.B. Wijayabandara (SJP)

U.R.T.Y. Rajamanthree (RUH)

G.K.H. Peris (KEL)

58kg-63kg (Bantom) W.A.K. Anjana (MOR) M.L.N.S. Vishmantha (SJP)

D.P.A.B.M. Silva (COL)

W.M.N.S.B. Weerakoon (PER)

63kg-68kg (Feather) W.A.R.Y. Kaushalya (SJP) A.J.M.L.P. Lakmal (RUH)

Y.G.S.V. Kottegoda (MOR)

G. Sharangan (SAB)

68kg-74kg (Light) K.L.A.Y.I. Pushpakumara (SJP) W.M.L.B. Waisundara (MOR)

Vijayarchan (COL)

R.D.H. Gamage (UVA)

74kg- 80kg (Welter) V. Ajeak (COL) A.M.D.L. Abeysinghe (KEL)

K.L. Gunarathne (PER)

W.P.J. Sathyadith (RUH)

80kg-87kg (Middle) E.M.R.P. Bandara (WAY) N.P.G.T. Caldera (SJP)

L.T.W. Rajapaksha (RUH)

W.P.D. Sachintha (SAB)

Above 87kg (Heavy) G.A.G.S. Galagedara (RUH) G.M. Gamage (COL)

M.D.R.L.C. Jayasooriya (PER)

T.S. Nanayakkara (UVA)

Sparring (Women)

Category 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
Below 46kg (fin) D.C.H. Wickramaarchchi (SJP) N.G.M. Amaraweera (RUH)

J.M.I. Sandamali (SAB)

R.B. Watagoda (UVA)

46kg-49kg (fly) L.D.D.K. Meegoda (SAB) M.B.Y. Malliyawadu (PER)

K.H.M. Madubhani (UVA)

W.B.S.S. Wijekoon (KEL)

49kg-53kg (Bantom) M.T.P.L. Perera (SJP)

K.G.A.M.S. Abeyrathne (RUH)


P.H. Rathnayake (COL)

M.D.S. Rasangi (PER)

53kg-57kg (Feather) K.W.D. Sandamali (KEL) N.I.S. Mendis (COL)

N.K. Ruberoe (RUH)

N.T.S. Uresha (UVA)

57kg-62kg (Light) R.L.A. Vishwani (KEL) R.H.M. Dissanayake (MOR)

D.K.M.M. Dissanayake (SAB)

G.M.M. Erangali (UVA)

62kg- 67kg (Welter) R.M.D. Tharaka (SAB) E.D. Priyadarshani (SJP)

M.A.C. Piyumika (MOR)

K.K.L.M. Perera (KEL)

67kg-73kg (Middle) B.H.K.G. Daglous (SAB) M.G.H.C. Dissanayake (MOR) W.A.M.K.
Dissanayake (COL)

Senevirathne (SJP)

Above 73kg (Heavy) D.P.U.U. Dissanayake (SJP) W.R.W. Wickramasinghe (KEL)

G.A.S. Sugandika (SAB)

D. Ambewela (MOR

The latter part of the game crept to an intensive game such that the Ruhuna gymnasium was converted to a noisy artifact with the screaming throats out of the crowd supporting their respective teams. At the end of the tournament, University of Sri Jayawardenapura was crowned the overall champions earing 6 gold medals, 8 silver medals and 4 bronze medals and went on to become both Men’s and Women’s Champions. We as MoraSpirit congratulate the men’s and women’s champions on their achievement and highly appreciate the performance and the competitiveness of every university player throughout the tournament.

Article By: Harshani Rajakruna
Edited by: Yumna Albar

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