Inter-Uni 2018 | University Of Colombo Titled as the Champion King and Queen in Tennis

After two days of magnificent cannonballs and deep shots the third day unfolded giving way to the most anticipated inter-university tennis matches of the whole year. Both finals were pure magic as all teams fought neck and neck to make the title their own. Final countdown to the finals between Mora and Colombo commenced amidst the cheers and encouragements of the supporters of both teams.

House Colombo regains the Tennis Throne

After a lengthy delay of weeks due to weather, reservation problems and many issues, Gymkhana Queens Tennis Club finally came alive on 23rd July to host the semifinals and finals of Inter University Men’s Tennis. The remaining quartet of Colombo, USJP, Peradeniya and Moratuwa were prepared and ready to battle. The spectators, who flocked around the courts, were given a treat for their eyes throughout the event. At the end of fiercely competed day, University of Colombo was the last team standing.

Battle of aces begun; Favourites live up to the hype !

Kelaniya, J’pura and Colombo, the pre-tournament favourites, were able to remain unbeaten on the second day of the inter university women’s tennis championship held at the Gymkhana Queens Club tennis courts, despite weather god heavily interfering for most of the morning session.

Colombo Retains SLUG 2016 Tennis title

The Tennis Matches of SLUG 2016 was held over the course of 4 days with the final day falling on the Yesterday (29th of July) at the Gymkhana Queens Club tennis courts Colombo 07.Colombo University Men’s tennis team won the Men’s tennis title of the SLUG 2016 while theirs women’s team emerged victorious to take home the Women’s tennis title.

SLUG-2016|Moratuwa, Colombo, Japura, Kelaniya Took a Lead on Day 01- Tennis

Tennis matches of the SLUG 2016 was commenced on yesterday (26.07.2016) at gymkhana tennis club premises. Matches were officially started after the opening ceremony and Mr R.J Wellassa and Dr U.S Liyanarachchi were invited as chief guests for the opening ceremony. The tournament that started yesterday will span over duration of 4 days (26, 27, 28,29th of July) and Men’s and women’s matches are scheduled under two groups.

Let the racket do talking

“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong”. The theme behind all the dedications of the tennis team of the University of Moratuwa who are armed to face the battle at the upcoming SLUG-2016 in few weeks. Both men and women teams are comprised of talented fresh faces as well as the seasoned to conflict with the opponents and conquer championship.

IUC Tennis | Tennis Day 5 : The Team To Beat

The rain gods had stamped their authority on SLTA tennis courts during the previous weekend, forcing the matches to be postponed by a week. The same gods seemed to be in a much lighter mood today, as the sun shone brightly from the early hours, paving the way for a day full of nail biting tennis.The day kicked off with the remaining matches of the semi finals and all the teams were determined to make it to the grandest stage of them all.


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