UOC and SAB Conquer Volleyball Championship 2018

Another remarkable page of Inter University Games 2018 was over today at University of Wayamba Indoor stadium with the announcement of Men and Women Volleyball Champions, Colombo and Sabaragamuwa respectively. Today 8 matches were held to decide the king and queen of the university volleyball arena. University of Wayamba was filled with the cheerful voices of the audience encouraging each of their fellow teams. 



The entire stadium was loaded with cheers while witnessing for the triumph of the day. The first men’s semifinal match was started when MOR confronted UOC aabout am. With the unbeatable, fast hits and servings and the great defensing techniques of the UOC players, MOR could not prevail upon for the finals. UOC won 3 sets not giving any chance for MOR to emerge high above by scoring 25-19, 25-17, and 26-24 respectively. 

The second semifinal was between SEA and SAB. SEA overwhelmed the first 2 rounds. The 3rd round went to the hands of SAB but again SEA was able defeat SAB in the fourth round. 


Unlike the men's semifinals women were brimming with energy and interrogatory. Every round of the women' semis was so excitingscores kept close and won by minimal margins. The first match was between the UOC and RAJ. Despite the fact that UOC could win the initial two sets with the scores of (27, 25) and (25, 19RAJ entered the battle in a ruthless way and crushed UOC by accomplishing scores of (14, 25), (23, 25), (15, 17). 

KEL and SAB remained against each other in the second semifinal match. The heartbeats of onlookers progressed towards becoming thumping quick with the declaration of encouragement last match amongst KEL and SAB.  The devotion of SAB girls was adequately strong to prevail upon the match. SAB answered to KEL with a victory by score sets of (19, 25), (25, 21), (26, 24), (25, 23).  At the final set, final ball, the referee’s decision was questioned by KEL women’s team and their coach. But they couldn't impact the final decision. 

Consolation finals  

Consolation finals of both men and women categories were played along the finals to select the 3rd place. Bad luck streak of MOR continued today in the volleyball arena. SAB men could claim 3rd spot in the battle accompanied with MOR and KEL girls could win the 3rd place in women’s category by defeating COL. 


The amazing last match, the most anticipated rivalry was begun amongst COL and SEA. The final was anxiously anticipated by many sports enthusiasts around. UOC men, after their persuading win against the MORA men in the elimination rounds were high in soul. The passes were fast and smooth in the 1st set. The ball was stuck in the hands of SEA players at once and afterward with UOC. UOC was not able to win the first two sets of the match. But, they entered the game and conquered the volleyball championship by winning the last 3 sets.  

SAB and RAJ met face to face for the women’ finals in the evening and it turned out to be a close and thrilling match. Their high expectations were demonstrated by their blooming facesBoth teams tried hard to keep the ball without touching the ground on their own side. SAB were undeniably dominant in the 1st set. However they stumbled in the second set, allowing RAJ to tie the match 1-1. As is often the case, serving and passing determined the winner of the second set. SAB smoked Team RAJ in the 3rd set. The RAJ won the second set. But the momentum once again swung back to SAB’s favor as they won the third set and finally the 4th 

MoraSpirit while congratulating the victors wishes all the best for the groups on the losing side for future fixtures. 


Article by: Amanda Kannangara

Edited by: Imthadh Ahamed

Sponsored by: Millennium IT





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